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Meeting GI, what questions should I ask

I'm currently waiting on results of a small bowel series and quantiferon test, these were done I think to check for strictures, cos the colonoscopy couldn't get into small bowel, and in preparation for immunosuppressants. My head is muddled with everything that's going on and I find myself bereft of pertinent questions I should be asking. I would be very grateful if I could get some suggestions. I'm already concerned about the effect of immunosuppressants on my diabetes. My head feels a bit fried!! Please help me understand what I need to know. Thank you for reading and in advance of any help. Have a great day.


Hi, Lynda. :)

A few questions that might be useful:
  • What were the results of the tests and what does this mean for my treatment?
  • How will immunosuppressants effect my diabetes?
  • What are my treatment options now? What do you think is best at this point?
  • What symptoms should I watch for, especially in regards to diabetes, when I begin this treatment? If these occur, should I contact you, another doctor, go to the hospital, etc.?

Hope that helps, and that your appointment goes well! :)
Thank you for your reply, I just can't seem to get my brain functioning properly at the minute, these are very helpful.