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Meg's Story


I would like to say hello! to everyone - our daughter was rushed into hospital after complaining of tummy ache at Easter. They discovered that her appendix was inflamed and removed it. She had been diagnosed with anemia a couple of weeks before and her "tummy ache" was put down to period pains. She is 16 years old. The doctor decided to do a colonoscopy, endoscopy and barium meal - and Crohn's was confirmed. She was then put on a liquid diet for 6 weeks which she got on well with, tummy ache subsiding and no vomiting. Anemia continues though. She has a 2mm restriction ih her small nown 12cm inflamed. Colon etc normal. She is also taking Azrioprine.

She started eating again solid food and it made her vomit again so she has been told to stay on the liquid diet (Alicalm) and feels much better again.

I think surgery may be likely now.

Would love to hear all your stories especially teens and parents.

Love D xxx

Would love to hear your stories
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HI there, I posted on your other thread lol. Welcome to the forum, so nice to see a mom very concerned of her child. 16 or 60... you always worry.

As I mentioned in the other post, surgery could be for her, I agree so she can have a decent future, but she will need to be aware of her diet and maintain with a med or LDN later.

Alot of UK's here!!! You will feel right at home, great people here!


Hi Jettalady, thank you for your reply. I am so happy I have found this forum!!!!!! I will let you know how Meg gets on. We are going to see the surgical team at hospital next week. We are so relieved that her "illness" has a name. We never suspected Crohn's as she has never had diarrhea. Just continuing tummy aches and anemia. The Doctor thought it was the after effects of appendicitis and heavy periods! Of course vomiting every evening made they took note - bloods, colonoscopy, barium meal, and endoscopy all in two days. They were able to do them under a general anesthetic.

Look forward to hearing from others.

Kind regards:uk_flag:
Hi Dallies, nice to see someone from my neck of the woods! Sounds quite similar to my story, I was hospitalised at easter with pains and vomiting, took a while for the docs to realise there was something wrong (they sent me home first tine telling me 'everyone gets stomachaches sometimes'!

Good luck at hospital and I hope Meg gets to eat again soon :)
Hi Dallies,

Nice to e-meet you!
Sorry Meg is not doing so well right now but glad the doctors are taking notice of her condition. I hope she finds relief soon. I am also a student (adult student) so I know how difficult it is to do readings, lectures and papers, etc... it is very demanding on someone who isn't sick let alone someone who is. Sounds like you have a strong daughter and no wonder with such a caring mom :D
Glad you found the forum...there are a lot of nice supportive people here. Maybe Meg would want to join at some point - there are teens here as well.



Hi Dallies & Meg
and welcome fellow Brits

well done for a quick diagnosis! hope the aza works for Meg, will take time to kick in.
glad you found us, lots of friends here for you, and good luck Meg with the A levels!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi Dallies and :welcome:

Well, I guess to say I know what you're going through would be an understatement! :lol:

I don't know if you have read my introductory thread but there are many similarities and Roo also never had diarrhoea in the lead up to her diagnosis.

I guess the one difference is that we had no choice with surgery, she got her diagnosis on the operating table, not the only one here like that! Roo had 60cm of bowel removed, mainly terminal ileum (small bowel). I have often wondered what her life would be like if she had been diagnosed earlier and gone down the path of medication and diet. Then again, the newer train of thought in many cases is to attack it aggressively with surgery, gain remission and then treatment is based around keeping you in remission rather than the other way round.

In our case surgery has been a very positive intervention and one that I really can't fault. Roo has been in remission for 4 years and she is also on a low dose of Imuran. Talk with your GI and consider your options, perhaps surgery is the way to go for Meg. If you do decide to go that way I would be more than happy too talk with you about Roo's operation and recovery and how she has managed over the years.

You have found a great place here Dallies, it has been wonderful support for me, with so many knowledgeable, caring and experienced members. I look forward to speaking with you again and remember to look after yourself and it goes without saying that you are taking wonderful care of that beautiful daughter of yours.

All the very best,


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Hi Dallies and welcome to the forum. When I first found this place it was with the intent of meeting other parents of crohn's kids and I do still feel a special connection with them. We all have a lot to learn from one another so I hope you stick around.

I hope Meg's story turns out as positive as Dusty's Roo!! EJ's chron's story is less dramatic than Meg's and Roo's. He started having bloody d last Oct. After his ped. couldn't solve it he was sent to a GI who did a colonoscopy and endo. the same day. At first we were told UC then crohn's. He was put on asacol then 6 week course of pred.
After the pred., they added 6mp(mercaptopurine) and that's where we are now. He still has occasional blood but for the most part, he feels great.

Hang in there. Meg will come out fine with or without the surgery, then she'll return to being that beautiful, warm teenager she was before all this:):). I can say that with a smile because I also have two teenage daughters.