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Ignore my previous post about being in remission and the whole world looking bright and rosy... since I got out of the hospital last Thursday I have continued to poop even more than before. Remission my butt!:poo:

Imodium is the most rubbish treatment I have ever had to put up with, all it does is swell you up like a balloon, makes you feel sick, tummy ache, and in order to get relief you have to stop taking it for a few days until finally all the D that has been on pause hits within the space of an hour - I seriously thought my toilet was going to overflow...

So, I did snot and tears on my GP yesterday - lovely man who upped my tramadol, ordered me loads of ensure, and arranged to have a commode delivered to my flat - been a few issues queuing for the one and only toilet in our place. It's not easy when two people in the house have IBD, and the other two take great pleasure in a leaisurely daily dump.... the door was nearly ripped from it's hinges the other day and EVERYONE is getting very territorial about their toilet time!

He is also going to chase up the surgeon who appears to have either not been told about me sat at home in agony waiting for surgery, or simply doesn't care - git.

I saw my GI today, and I think I have said before, it's not that he's nasty, he's probably a very nice man, but he's just totally unresponsive, so I took my mum with me and wrote down everything I wanted to say - verbal diarhoea on the page! I listed everything that has gone on, every episode of D, cramps, vomit and general crappiness, and then did a whole page about what I used to be like before I had Crohn's - I want him to realise I haven't always been a snivelling wreck who sharts a lot - I also did snot and tears on him today, but he didn't seem to notice.

Fortunately my mum is fierce (I may be 36 but when you're sick only mum will do), we call her "The Motherf*cker" (affectionately of course), and she spoke up for me.

So now I am on 40mg Pred, and booked in for ANOTHER colonoscopy next Thursday and an inflammation scan because they think that rather than being in remission, my crohn's has simply moved and is hiding somewhere else... meh! On the plus side mum has insisted on extra sedation for the colonoscopy because I seem to be a bit of a wimp...

What is weird though, is I have been really open with friends about the Crohn's, (not really been able to hide it to be honest, I am always either in the toilet or running to it) and I also happen to do a bit of charity work on the side. I had to put out an email asking for help because I had a big event on last weekend, and being in hospital I could see it was about to crash and burn. Loads of people rallied round (phew), and now I appear to have taken on some kind of saintly status - aparently I am inspirational, it's ever so embarressing because I have to keep pointing out to people that I am not special, I just poo a lot...

Also signed off work for a month - bet they just love me - they haven't even sent a get well card, so clearly they are not impressed.... seriously thinking I may have to apply for disability if I don't get my bum under control soon...

Also going for some hypnosis on Friday - you never know it might help - at the very least lift my mood?

Ah well, off to settle down on my commode - may get some old lady mono-slippers to complement the look... if I had any hair left I would dye it blue and have a tight perm to complete the old lady persona... I expect with the pred I shall soon have the granny beard too!

Oh Lishyloo - I am sooo sorry you are still having such a rough time! What a load of crap! I can't take immodium anymore either - it usually just messes me up worse than I was before I took it. I know this isn't going to make YOU feel any better - but I laughed quite a bit reading your post and it made ME feel better :O) You are hilarious. I hope they figure something out for you soon. In the meantime - make sure you get up from the toilet at least every 15 minutes - we don't want permanent O sign on your arse!!
Aw Lishy, I'm sorry. We have 2 Crohnies in the house too and normally have 2 toilets, but one isn't working and hubby is out of town for the week. Tensions over toilet time are going to make me figure out toilet repair I think.

I'm glad you have your Mum there to be the Mama Bear! I've been thinking about you and hoping you're feeling better. Guess I should have sent cookies instead!

*Gentle hugs*


Punctuation Impaired
Immodium is like a cement cork....Unfortunately once it's unplugged, it's not champaign that comes bubbling out. Sorry your having a rough patch...You need to post a picture for your avatar with your blue hair;) Keep up your sense of humor.
I feel bad you are having difficulty Lishyloo :( I hope that things start to get better for you soon and that you start to feel well.
Oh Lishy, I hope you gte some relief soon! At least the pred will help for a time anyway. I got the beard as well and ended up having a wee shave as couldn't cope with it any more. Hope that doesn't make it worse! You may not get it - not everyone does.

Hi Lishy, I have to agree with Peaches, you made me laugh. Snotted and teared up on the Dr!!!! Now that's funny. You should be the first to get the famous computoilet, you sound like you really need it.
Well I hope everything turns out okay cause if not I'll have to make a long distance phone call to have a plumber attach a spicket to your bum. Just turn the knob and presto poopo. lol