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Mercury or Amalgam fillings

Hey guys has anyone removed mercury fillings with a view to taking another toxin out of their system?

Backstory: I have a major yeast sensitivity and there seems to be some link to yeast and mercury. I also feel like my ears are always partially blocked which I feel is connected in some way. I'm going to visit a dentist this week to see what would be involved in removing it and an alternative health specialist to better understand how they determine mercury poisoning. Does anyone have experience of:

-Removing fillings and seeing how they did/did not impact health
-Determining the protocol for safe removal of these fillings (the web is full of links on how to do this but my dentist who I trust doesn't use this approach)
-Recommended tests to understand if mercury could be above acceptable levels (I have one filling placed 20 years ago).
I had four mercury fillings removed in the middle of a major flare and having them extracted made no change on my health, UC or otherwise.

My dentist drilled them out. My fillings were placed at least 30 years (or more) before they were removed.
Okay some updates I wanted to share with you guys -

My dentist told me that the filling looked intact according to the x-rays and the only reason, he would not normally take such fillings out. However it turned out that underneath the top layer there was actually decay, meaning that some mercury must have had an easy route into my system.

Fast forward to yesterday and I found out that according to my urine sample, my mercury level was 14 ug/g significantly outside the reference level. Lead was very high too. I'm looking at doing a Mercury detox with a DMSA captomer. Has anyone had experience of doing the metal detox?
I have four teeth filled with amalgam, which, alongside Crohn's disease, is my only health concern.

Occasionally, I ponder whether there's a possible link between amalgam fillings and Crohn's disease. Amalgam became popular in the United States around the 1830s, whereas the first recognized case of Crohn's disease was documented in 1932.

I'm curious to know if there are others here with Crohn's disease who also have amalgam fillings in their teeth.

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Nope -no connection
I have amalgam fillings as does my DH
Neither of us have crohns
But my child who has no fillings at all of any kind was dx at age 7 .


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I wonder if anyone has had any improvement when amalgam fillings fall out or are removed. Most of mine are gone now due to aging years ago, but no improvement came of it for the chrons.