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Mesalamine Delayed Release Generic finally!

Mesalamine Delayed Release Tablets 800mg made by Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA, Pennington NJ are available now; my local CVS has them.

If there is anyone who successfully took Asacol, Delzicol and / or Pentasa for Crohn's who has made the change to this generic mesalamine please post your experience and dosage so far.
Its a new year, a new prescription, so a new pre-authorization which has resulted in a conversion from lialda to a generic from zydus (which itself still required a pre-authorization..) 1.2g version it more or less the same look as lialda. If you look it up on zydus's website they are offering 2 formulations.

I received and opened my first bottle today, will take it for first time tomorrow. One thing I note is a very strong alcohol smell, almost like spilling a bottle of rubbing alcohol. where as Lialda coating/bottle has always smelt like generic bi-mart ibuprofen to me.

If i notice anything exciting from taking it will post again