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Mesalamine Enema and Bad Chest Pains

I take the Mesalamine enema and have been experiencing on and off chest pains since taking it. I woke up today and have had chest pains last the entire day. I would think it can't be the Mesalamine as its just an enema so its not strong enough to affect my heart.


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New York, USA
If you are having chest pains you should be oing to the ER and getting checked out- they are NOt anything to mess with especially if this is somethin new. Do the pains radiate anywhere - down an arm, any difficult breathing etc...I don't mean to alarm you, but a friend of mine died not long ago after having chest 'pain' for a day - she went in to rest and her husband found her deceased.....heart attack that was not recognized.
It's the mesalamine, I took those meds pill form . I also experience chest pains and back pain. Stop taking them , I do turmeric, and boswella pills. Don't believe in taking those meds