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Mesalamine Enema

So, my doctor prescribed a pentasa enema for me to reduce inflammation.

Has anyone else used this? Any reviews? How hard is it to give yourself an enema? Or do I have to forsake my dignity and make someone else shove the medicine up my butt. :(

if your packaging is the same as the ones i had, they come in a cool little acordian style bottle that doesnt allow things (poop) to get sucked back into to.

these things, and proctosedyl suppositories, saved the last 10 inches of my large intestine and my colon from getting removed, they were great for me, hope they go as well for you:)

try doing it yourself, not for dignity reasons, but for comfort reasons. you can feel what hurts and what direction to place it in side you.

also, see if they're a normal enema, or retention enema. i made that mistake to begin with. retention enema's are supoosed to be "swallowed" by the body. i.e. dont poop it out straight away. hold it in as long as possible.

i found hands and knees position the easiest for me.

good luck!

My Butt Hurts

Mine were supposed to stay where I put them all night long. Ha! Are they KIDDING ME??? I was lucky if I could get it to stay there for 2 minutes. Yeah - you'll want to do it yourself for sure. The end is lubricated so it shouldn't be too bad to get it in there. I did the lay on my side on the floor technique.
I think I did okay by myself last night. Hopefully all the medicine went to the right spots, I tried to follow the illustrations as best as I could. XD

Thanks for the tips and info. :)