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Mesalamine tips needed. (pun not originally intended)

Hi guys.

I am starting a mesalamine enema. There were no detailed instructions. I mean there should be drawings! Im think I'm doing it wrong. I cannot get a third of the bottle in before it starts seeping out, even when I wait many seconds before re-trying. Also I get nervous about releasing pressure while the tip is still in place.

Any other helpful hints would be appreciated.


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New York, USA
Are you lying on your left side and staying in that position as long as possible? That should help the fluid stay in. Also try to go slowly with introducing the liquid so it has time to work its' way through.....
I was doing out with my bum in the air and then rolling to my left side when done. I'll try starting on my left side. Thanks
Exactly. I don't have a problem keeping it in, it's just that I can only get about a third in. I'll try a different position tonight.