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Mesalazine issue

OK im on day 3 of my Mesalazine suppositories. My morning dose seems to be quite normal, slight left side cramp nothing more but my evening dose seems to send my stomach in to spasm and causing severe wind and resulting in painful movements.blood has pretty much gone in the 3 days but I have a lot of mucus now. is this the Mesalazine causing this or could it be the prednisolone im taking with it? Im New to the whole condition of UC and its treatments but my symptoms seem worse now of an evening. Thankyou for your time guys :confused2:
Do you have an IBD nurse or GI that you keep in contact with?
I know that when i was given pentasa enemas they made things worse and was told to stop them. Personally when i was taking pred it gave me a lot of wind.
I don't think I do, I was given a prescription at hospital and sent home and told to return following the 8 week pred treatment. I will call the hospital tomorrow. My left side feels like someone is prodding their finger in it at the moment, but only when I lay down. Its proper weird.
Yes the best option is always checking :) Im surprised they haven't given you an IBD nurse or GI.
Usually they want you to try medication for a couple of weeks before they will have a look at it unless its something like a serious reaction.
Hopefully they will get it sorted for you or shed some light on what is happening.
Im afraid I'm not much use as I'm not long diagnosed myself.