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Metastatic Crohn’s

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s about three years ago and after appropriate testing, put on Remicade. During my therapy, I had to have an ERCP and acquired a hospital infection that developed into sepsis. I was hospitalized for three weeks. I was taken off Remicade.
In the years that followed, I had a small bowel obstruction and have suffered from “knife cut” ulcerations in the groin. Every flare causes these to develop. I have gone to PCP, dermatologist who sent me to surgeon, infectious disease. No one ever took a culture or biopsy. CT scan in September showed extensive bowel wall thickening in large and small bowel. I finally found a kind surgeon who did bilateral groin biopsies that proved Crohn’s lesions. I am attaching a discrete photo to help some of you who have this identify with it.
I have undergone multiple blood tests and will begin on a new drug very soon. I hope this will improve my intestinal and extra intestinal symptoms. I am on Medicare, so therapy is limited to infused drugs.


my little penguin

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Have they tested for bechets disease?
Mimics crohns and causes ulcers /groin /mouth area plus other stuff similar to crohns