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Metho/Pred Combo being horrid.


I'm just starting to come off pred been weened down 1mg a week for the last six weeks, till I am off the med.

I'm quite worried however as I am on 25mg weekly of Metho and Folic 5mg 3x a week. I'm currently feeling totally run down no energy, stomach is still spasming and I'm getting side effects from a flare still. I've started to develop purple/red marks all over my body - legs, bum, neck etc. they look like sort of bruises but there would be totally no reason as I've not banged anything or been hit etc.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been getting these kind of symptoms?

along side that I have been getting a ton of acne and spots. Totally furious!
Hi Jack

Our son is doing 25mg MTX and 1MG Folic Acid every day. He is also taking B-12 1000IU and Vit D 1000IU and a multivitamin supplement. I understand skin issues can be a side effect of both Prednisone (particularly acne) and MTX (bruising). We have not had the same severity of side effects you have ... we have seen some bruising but nothing terrible. I hope that as you taper off the pred you will see improvement as perhaps the combination of both meds is causing your problems. With MTX, it is suggested that you have your doctor examine any skin rashes to make sure they are not a serious reaction.

I also have mutlivit supplements, and need to really get some b-12 to stop me feeling fatigued all the time.. I am back in the hospital this afternoon as I asked them to push my appointment forward with bruising, acne, ulcers etc. Hopefully they'll be able to advise me.
I hope you get answers and feel better soon! I think MTX can inhibit b-12 absorption sometimes so a supplement is probably a good idea. I don't think it can hurt.
I hope you get answers and feel better soon! I think MTX can inhibit b-12 absorption sometimes so a supplement is probably a good idea. I don't think it can hurt.
Hey Thanks, I got no help whatsoever. They took some bloods for me which i'm 'meant' to get the results off in 1 or 2 days. Then tried to shrug me off for 6 weeks, but i kicked off until they gave me an appointment sooner, so got another 2 weeks of this horrid feeling to go!
I recently began taking methotrexate (same dose as you) five weeks ago. I know it takes longer then other medicines and in the mean time I of course am in a flare. My gastro put me on a tapering dose of prednisone as well and I am also having skin conditions. Last week I had three boils on my face, yes boils definitely not acne that had to be compressed with a warm washcloth until they drained. My legs and some spots on my arms also have what my doctor is calling erythema nodosum, painful reddish/purplish spots that are just ugly to look at. He says its all part of the Crohn's and that they will go away. I have also been more tired and have had more joint pain since starting the prednisone. I think i just made the executive decision to stop the prednisone as I'm writing this. Methotrexate is an immunosuppressant as well as prednisone so being on two of them at the same time may be a good reason why we are feeling this way. I'm no doctor but it makes sense to me. What do you think?
I am also on 25mg of methotrexate, its reduced my Crohns symptoms but bought on extreme fatigue... was just wondering whether things have changed much for both you (jackwhiting) and Volksgirl7?
Hi wchibelushi,
Well I am no longer on methotrexate. Shortly after that post I ended up in the hospital with my Crohn's flare and a major case of c diff, the bacterial infection in your intestines. Needless to say they stopped my medication and put me back on prednisone until insurance approved Cimizia which I now inject subcutaneously every 28 days. Had c diff again while on this and am still not feeling 100% after about 3 months. Hope methotrexate helps you!


Hi Jack!
Regarding these skin issues, methotrexate can contribute to a variety of skin side-effect, petechia, vasculitis, erythema, etc. Best would be to have it check and discuss the exhaustion at the same time. Methotrexate remains a chemo drug even at low dose... and for that matter our body does not always appreciate its presence. Also, 25mg might be too much for you, some people need to be on lower dosage and so on. I think it worth ringing the doctor!
Volksgirl7, My daughter was resently hospitalized with c- dif infection. She was on prednisone at the time. In the hospital they put her on Vancomycin and Flagyl because it was a difficult strain to treat. Did you get any antibiotics in the hospital? Also we are considering FMT in the near future for her. It is %100 effective against c dif and could also help her UC.
I was treated in the hospital with both flagyl and vancomycin for the same reasons. When I had it last month I was treated with the antibiotic Dificid, an antibiotic that is used to treat recurring c diff infections. My doctor also has me being tested for it this month as well even though I'm feeling a little better. I would love to have an FMT but the wait time closest to me in Philadelphia is over a year. My gastro knows of a doctor in Arizona who is performing them and I would jump on a plane tomorrow if I could for one. I see you are in California. Are there many trials being done there because as far as I have researched they still are not approved by the FDA. Please keep me posted as I would love to know the results or more information about doctors that might be doing them. California wouldn't be a bad place to visit either.
Volksgirl7- I can't believe a years wait for a fMT! What does your GI think of the results from FMT? My daughter's GI is willing to perform one on her via colonoscopy. She is a full time student and wants to have it done during her break. I will keep you posted if he indeed agrees to doing it soon. i am being tested to be her donor. She is also trying to get weaned off of prednisone, currently 20 gm. She has not gone on any of the Biologics etc. and will only as a last resort.