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Methotrexate 25 mg

I have been taking 25mg a week of the above drug and budesonide 9mg

I have had a lot of trouble with the nerves in my teeth hot cold liquids and certain food texture aggravates them also.

The pain keeps me up through the night I given up on the steroids as I took them first now methotrexate has been stopped by me also this week not ideal
with Crohns.

Please is this a common occurance or am I just unlucky I have never had problems with my teeth my dentist has taken xrays and my teeth are ok any ideas please. I will go back on drugs when I have sorted my teeth out obviously a new drug. I am due to see my Crohns specialist until june


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Hello....hopefully by now you are feeling a little better
Perhaps the nerves reacting to the drugs.
It is difficult to say.
Perhaps your June appointment with the GI will help to sort things out for you
Yes Trysha my teeth aggravation subsided a couple of weeks ago thankfully (definitely Methotrexate ) no more problems.
my croans specialist has reviewed my Croans? I have had no flare ups since being diagnosed which he felt was strange, he is now weening me off Budesonide. He will repeat the capsule camera later which showed I had croans ulceration. Last time I had gastroenteritis for five days before swallowing the first capsule, I was told this would no effect the result by the nurse.
Hi helpme1
I was put on Methothrexate and I was fine to begin with then I had a blood test my liver levels were very high had to stop taking it.
I have found I react to every medication apart from steroids which my doctor does not like me to be on for long so at the mo not on anything & touch wood I am ok. I hope you can get to the bottom of it pardon the pun.
Thanks curlywurly Methotrexate is to be respected does not suit all, one patient I was talking to he was turning blue in colour rare He said

perhaps methotrexate being the least expensive drug is the first that is prescribed.