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Methotrexate and lightheaded?

I am just wondering if anyone has had this while on metho injections. I have only done two injections the past two Fridays. However, today I have been off. Starting with this morning I had a migraine, then took a migraine pill at 5am. When I got up at 7am I was okay, but got real dizzy and passed out soon after. I have been on these migraine pills for over a year. I only take them when I feel a bad headache coming on. I have never passed out with them before. I am not one to pass out frequently, it's been years (pregnancy was my last pass out).

One similarity is that with both Humira and Cimzia I lived lightheaded 24/7. I never actually passed out, but couldn't go anywhere because the lightheaded feeling came on at a random all hours of the day. I felt like I was in a fog all the time. This is how I felt today...so worried about the similarities here.

Any thoughts?

I see my doctor next Tuesday and will discuss, but wanted to know if anyone had this reaction/side effect with methotrexate.



I deal with the lightheaded dizzy prob and it hadn't just been with methotrexate. I have no idea what causes it but I feel your pain. It's very disabling.