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Methotrexate and Painful Lymph Nodes

Hi all,

I've been on methotrexate for about a month and a half now, and in the last week started getting swollen, tender lymph nodes - first my neck, now one in my groin. Wasn't concerned about the former, but the inguinal node is a first for me. It's small, firm, and tender to touch. Anyone experience something similar? Should I just watch and wait? Don't want to sound like I'm over-reacting, just a little gun-shy from previous reactions.
I have the same at the moment I am on methotrexate and have had a constant swollen lymph node in my neck but some drs disagree that is what it is. But I believe it is a lymph node as I spoke to my GP who has been in his job a long time and is very experienced. I'm waiting to have an ultrasound to have a look what's going on in there and I'm going to see my GI next Friday.
I would deffinatley let your GI know so they can have a look and see what's goin on. Good luck