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Methotrexate and Spots

I have been on methtrexate weekly injections of 25mg since July and it has been fine other than the last 4/5 weeks I have had an outbreak if spots on my face . They are big red and painful, they die down for a day or 2 and they become painful again without ever properly going away. I've never suffered badly with spots even as a teenager but i seem to be getting more and more. Has anybody else experienced this on methtrexate? It's getting annoying now and everything I try fails to clear them up! I'm assuming it's the methotrexate or at least linked to it, I was on prednisolone aswell but tapered off it and have been off it for 2 weeks now.
I wouldn't class it as acne, more like big pimples I have about 16 of them all over my face and even some on my scalp and on my back
Well I think of pimples as another name for acne. But to be honest, I would think that could be an affect of the prednisone, so hopefully it'll be clearing up shortly now that you're off of it. Check out the dermatologic side effects of prednisone:

Dermatologic (Skin) Effects:
- Bruising
- Slower Healing After Injury or Surgery
- "Moon Face"
- Petechiae (Google images of this, could be it?)
- Redness of the Skin
- Sweating
- Thinning of the Skin
- Urticaria (Hives) or Rash
I was on predinisone for a long time. When I tapered off it (this was about age 26) I started getting acne pretty bad. I think the steroid helped keep my skin clear. I had to start washing my face everyday, which I had never had to do before. If you end up doing this make sure to use a gentle non-drying soap specially for acne.

I would suggest a dermatology consult so you can know for sure though.