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Methotrexate day one

My doc prescribed Metho for me and today was the first of two doses for the weekend. I feel like someone has run me over already without taking the second dose. I cant imagine what I will feel like after the second dose. Does your body get used to the drugs or will I feel like crap once a week when dosing?
I was on methotrexate for a while when I was on Humira, I had to give myself shots once a week. I actually started out with no noticeable side effects from the metho. However, after a while it started to make me REALLY nauseous after I did the injections, and I lost my appetite. So I told my doctor I wasn't taking it anymore and I stopped - which is what I usually do when I don't like a drug :)

So I guess just give it a chance/wait and see how your body reacts to it. But definitely if it continues making you feel terrible, I would talk to your doc about trying a different drug. I don't think any drug is worth it if it makes you feel that bad!
The drearyness has passed I am so surprised. I felt like a track hit me and now I am fine. I dont know a lot about this drug as I am just starting to research it. Usually I dont take anything until I research. Thanks to the forum for some good information!
Metho was one of the few drugs I didn't have really any symptoms on, that I noticed anyway. I got off of it because I was on birth control pills and did have a pregnancy scare (thAnkfully it turned out to be nothing thank goodness while on the drug ) but I got off it because in the small chance if you do get pregnant , you would have to abort so because birth control wasn't 100% I got off but again, never had any problems while on it!

A friend though was very nauseous on metho was not fun for her. Are you also taking frolic acid with it as well?
Yea, on the folic acid and the anti-nausea pills. I just have to do something thought, I have a very agressive form of fistulating crohns and my previous doc gave me pentasa which is like fight a fire with a squirt gun. Besides its better for colitis from what I understand. So I changed docs and she put me on the metho. I pray it keeps me out of the operating room again
Our son takes his MTX dose at night before bed with a Zofran 1/2 hour before. He has avoided symptoms so far... he is on his third dosage. Perhaps dosing before bed might help. He also does Folic Acid daily.
I think the folic acid was just what my body needed! I feel like a million bucks. No longer afraid of Metho now. I must have been deficient in folic acid.

I've been on Metho for about 12 weeks now. Started on the injections due to where my Crohn's mainly effects me (terminal ileum) but moved on to the tablets by request, I find them easier then ever injecting myself.

I didn't notice any side effects for the first 6-7 weeks, then I really started to notice the fact I feel fatigued, run down, have aggravated acne and can feel crap within myself generally. I've developed ulcers over the last few weeks (painful ones) so I'm going to have to go back and reconsider my options. I take a lot of folic acid per week now to try counteract the symptoms and it has been working, my immune system is just like a childs now! :(

Injections seem a much better way to bypass some of the symptoms but I just can't get to injecting myself, it doesn't feel natural to me.
Until you said it, I didnt know there were injectable kinds. I was only offered pills and my issues is terminal ileum even though it got cut out. I hope I can tolerate this drug I need something.
Until you said it, I didnt know there were injectable kinds. I was only offered pills and my issues is terminal ileum even though it got cut out. I hope I can tolerate this drug I need something.
I was never allowed tablets for the first four weeks due to my main issues in the terminal ileum and had to have injections, I switched after the four weeks.