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Methotrexate didn't work for me

Well it was 4 months of hell and finally yesterday my GI and I decided to stop the MTX poison that I have been injecting for the last four months.

I thought it may be helping a month or so ago when I had 10 days of 'normal' poos but the last two weeks have been hell - loads of the big D, 4 day headaches, nausea, joint pain & mouth ulcers.

I took my folic acid, used my mouthwash, anti nausea drugs when needed but those side effects never went away.

As this is now the third immunosuppressant I've taken, I think it is now time for the biologics - I just wish they had started me on those 14 months ago instead of going through the NICE clinical pathway (UK guidelines). It sure would have saved some money in the long run and also 2013 might have been a better year for me.

Oh well, that's my whinge over - bring on 2014 and I hope it is better than this last year.


Ugh sorry it's failed you and caused you to feel crappy. I sincerely hope the biologics will make 2014 the best year ever.