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Methotrexate during covid times

Hi All,

I know Methotroxate will suppress our immune power. My GI has prescribed me this since my body formed anti bodies to Remicade. My concern is how safe is to take this drug during covid situation. Has anybody had any experiences with covid while on this drug?
Hello! My doctor is about to put me on methotrexate as well, but she said it was such a low dose (1 shot a week) that I wouldn't really be at an increased risk -- just keep doing the general common sense things (wash hands, wear a mask, stay 6ft away, etc)

my little penguin

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Ds has been on methotrexate plus Stelara for years
He does what everyone else does
Mask up
Stay as far away as possible
No crowded rooms
And wash wash wash his hands
He is 17 and was dx at age 7
Good luck

Lynda Lynda

It is late on a Friday afternoon and my pharmacy just called me regarding a new prescription, Methotrexate, that the Family Nurse Practioner at my Gastroenterologist office sent over to them.
Say What ?

No one at my Gastroenterologist office has contacted me about this prescription or even contacted me regarding my recent CT Enterography results.
My next appointment with my Gastroenterologist is on May 26th.

I understand my need for the new prescription, as I am apparently having my first Crohn's flare.
Right now I can only tolerate a full liquid diet and some soft foods and I am almost done with a 20 day Prednisone prescription.
I know that Methotrexate is given to IBD patients along with biologics.
And I read about the folic acid too.

But this communication gap between my FNP and my Gastroenterologist and myself concerns me.
I try to educate myself about my medical issues.
I like to be an informed patient and be an active member of my IBD "treatment team."

Surely I would need an appointment with my Gastroenterologist to discuss my CT Enterography results and then to be told about this new medication and to have my new treatment plan explained to me.
I am currently using Humira Pen Injections once a week for my Crohn's.

Since March 21st I have been to the ER, admitted to the Hospital for 24 hours, had a CT Scan w/contrast at the ER, blood draws, stool samples and a CT Enterography.

If you know about Crohn's Flares / Humira / Methotrexate / Folic Acid, please share with me your experiences.

I am also scheduled to have my second Covid vaccine on May 17th !
Should I not start taking the Methotrexate until after my second Covid vaccine.

Thank You. Lynda. 🌼
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my little penguin

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I would call your docs office first thing on Monday morning to find out more details
Methotrexate is taken only ONCE a week

My kiddo was on humira plus methotrexate for 4 years
Humira was every 10 days ,then every 7 days
Then every 5 days while on mtx

so for my kiddo
He now takes his methotrexate on Thursday every single week
He also takes folic acid pills every single day

My kiddo covid vaccine
His rheumatologist told him not to stop the methotrexate before the shot
To hold the next dose of methotrexate till 7 days after the shot

so in his case he took methotrexate pills on April 19
Got his first shot on April 21 ( Wednesday)
Then took his next dose of methotrexate on
Thursday April 29th

Lynda Lynda

Thanks for your reply.

My pharmacy said my Methotrexate prescription was 2.5mg tabs.
5 tabs once a week.
And I am getting a 90 day supply of tabs.
And the pharmacy has some folic acid ready for me too.

I am going to drive to my Gastroenterologist's office on Monday.
It is only 10 miles away.
It is impossible to have a decent conversation with the Medical Assistant there on the phone.
I can also get a copy of my CT Enterography results from them.
I'm retired, so I can sit in that Lobby all day long until someone talks to me.

I read online that I would need blood draws on a regular basis while taking the Methotrexate.
I need to get those blood draw orders from my Gastroenterologist office too.
This situation is wierd.

Have a good weekend.
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my little penguin

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That’s a reasonable dose to start at with humira
My child takes 8 tablets 2.5 mg
And folic acid (folate 1000 mcg x2 a day )
Mtx can make you feel tired , nauseous, flu like etc..
He takes it before bed to sleep through some of the side effects