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Methotrexate during covid times

Hi All,

I know Methotroxate will suppress our immune power. My GI has prescribed me this since my body formed anti bodies to Remicade. My concern is how safe is to take this drug during covid situation. Has anybody had any experiences with covid while on this drug?
Hello! My doctor is about to put me on methotrexate as well, but she said it was such a low dose (1 shot a week) that I wouldn't really be at an increased risk -- just keep doing the general common sense things (wash hands, wear a mask, stay 6ft away, etc)

my little penguin

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Ds has been on methotrexate plus Stelara for years
He does what everyone else does
Mask up
Stay as far away as possible
No crowded rooms
And wash wash wash his hands
He is 17 and was dx at age 7
Good luck