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Methotrexate for recurrent abscess

Hi Everyone,

After 4 surgeries, wound care and 6 long months my son still has a perianal abscess. A fistula was not detected on MRI 2 weeks ago. The abscess is open so it is not too painful right now but he is a 15 year old about to start school and hopefully sports in mid August.

His fecal calprotectin has gone up a lot as the wound has worsened. I think it is time for a stronger med and his doc would like us to start with methotrexate. He already did the preliminary testing.

He has no D or other symptoms of Crohns, perianal disease is it. He was diagnosed with the only symptom being growth initially.

I was just wondering if anyone with perianal disease has had luck with methotrexate and your experience with side effects.