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Methotrexate Injection Question

I just started weekly Methotrexate injections last week. Do you count the day you gave the injection as day one, or the following day? I had the first injection last Friday and I am trying to figure out if I do it tomorrow or Friday? Of course I can call the doctor and ask, but I thought I would put it out to the group. Thanks so much!

Hey there!

When I did my injections, I did them every Monday. So I would count day one being the day after your injection. So once a week would just keep being on Friday. At least that's how I did the methotrexate, and I also do my Humira like that.

Hope this helps!
Hi there

I started my injections on a Friday and I keep injecting every Friday. It means I have a quiet Friday night and Saturday but I pick up a bit on Sunday - ready for work on Monday.

Good luck with your injections and stay in touch.
I did the same. Every Tuesday I got to sit there and try and talk myself into stabbing a needle into my belly, for a good solid half an hour! Lol! Man, did I ever hate putting a needle in myself!! lol!
I hear what you are saying FD I often feel real sick at the thought of having to do my jab. I tell myself not to be a pussy and try and think of a yummy treat to reward myself for jabbing my stomach with a pscychotoxic drug!:ybatty:


Every Monday for me, both Humira and Metho. So I can drag-ass during the week and feel good for the weekend!!!

I honestly don't mind the shots. I wish they were helping more, but they don't bother me.

- Amy
I had a problem with the "quick, dart like motion" and my injections freaked me out until one day I decided I didn't have to do that. It maybe hurts more now, because I don't "jab" I just push the needle in, but it doesn't phase me at all now.