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Methotrexate injection vs pill form

My son has been on the met. injection for almost 6 months and is doing well. Doc is thinking about switching to the pill version. Anyone make this change and have any issues with treatment? Side effects? Change in condition.
My son did the reverse. He started with the pill and switched to injection. The reason was that the pill form was not being properly absorbed due to his inflammation.

Another common reason people are switched from pill to injection is the side effects are more prominent with the pill, nausea, flu like feeling, aches, due to the pill going through the digestion process whereas the injection bypasses digestion. My son had none of the side effects when taking the pill so that didn't play a role in the switch for us.

I hope the switch goes smooth for your son.
My son takes his 6 2.5 mg tablets of Methotrexate on Thursday nights. Yesterday was his second dose. The first time he took it he got a headache and felt bad the next day. This time, no headache, and yesterday he ate and felt better but today he has been sleeping a lot...a whole lot. Does the fatigue get better with time?

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Fatigue depends
Ds used Mtx shots the first time around
And spent two to three days with flu like symptoms each week
Did that for 12 weeks then switched to remicade
Mtx takes 8-12 weeks to be effective
Ds was on 1 mg of folic acid at the time

Later when he was dx with arthritis
Added oral Mtx to humira to help that
Again he started with flu symptoms mouth ulcers etc...
Switched folic acid to folate (solgar brand) and doc increased folate up to 2 mg a day

No issues since


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My older daughter is on the injections. She does get tired the day after the shot and spends the day resting or doing low-key stuff. She also gets nauseous but Zofran takes care of that. She has been on MTX for several years.

She takes 2mg folic acid - when she was taking 1mg she got mouth ulcers.