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Methotrexate Only?

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Has anyone else's child been on methotrexate only? While we are waiting for approval on the cimzia, my son's dr wants to put him on this to tide him over since he is not on anything for his CD. His main painful symptom is his skin tag right now. We think the change in his diet (organic, smoothies, almost gluten free, cut way down on corn syrup products) has helped him with his belly pain since that is not a big issue right now.

Thanks for any help!
I was on Remicade for a couple of years until I built a tolerance, then went on Humira. While on Humira, I developed psoriatic arthritis. They don't think it's Crohn's-related arthritis because my intestinal symptoms have been pretty much under control. So they blamed it on the Humira. But what's weird is that Humira is supposed to treat psoriatic arthritis.

Confused yet? Haha

So they put me on MTX because that's been shown to treat both conditions. I'm five weeks into MTX (about eight weeks off of Humira) and the PA seems to be going away. My Crohn's has been fine this whole time.

BUT (and this may be a big 'but') I'm also avoiding gluten and dairy, as well as on a number of supplements (isotonic multivitamin, fish and blackcurrant seed oil, etc.) that I get through a naturopath/dietician, and I juice veggies about 5-7 times/week.

So MTX is the only prescribed drug I'm on right now, but I have made lifestyle changes in the past few months as well, as I know you've mentioned too. So I'd stay stick with the diet changes and hopefully everything goes well.
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Thanks for the info. Did your doctor say that it takes about a month before it starts working? That's what my son's doctor is telling me.
Yeah, it was about after the fourth injection (I'm doing the subcutaneous shots) that I noticed a difference in my arthritis pain. But I've read it can take up to 8 weeks.
Im looking at a maintenance therapy, was on aza for years but came off everything when a humira reaction couldnt be shaken. Since being off all immunosupressants the side effects went but i have developed a massive flare that want treated and needs surgery. If i have surgery or if not i need to go back on a maintenance drug. Do you guys find metho better than azathioprine? it seems like it might be stronger and work a little quicker but i could be wrong? Also joint pain has been MUCH worse this time round so i wondered if metho would be more useful in treating that than the aza. i cant do steroids due to them shutting down and destroying my adrenals and surpressing my pituitary. Sides like nausea i dont have a problem with and with aza never had any problems it was just without dropping ALL immunosupressants we cuoldnt get rid of the skin and chest problems from the Humira which incidently did seem to be helping the Crohns so its a shame i had to drop it.
Hey everyone, I know this thread is super old, but have any of you had any positive effects from a gluten or dairy free diet? I'm in particular looking for arthritis relief. My intestinal problems have been ok for a long time but the artritis is literally crippling.