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Methotrexate self-injection protocols for pre-filled syringe/pen

If you self-inject methotrexate, which of the following directions have been provided by your physic

  • wear gloves when handling

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  • wear glasses when handling

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  • wear disposable gown when handling

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Hi all,

In the past I've been seeing my GP weekly to have my methotrexate injections due to a few factors, however I am now moving to self-injection, and when comparing notes with a few friends, discovered some interesting inconsistencies with what the hospitals are directing patients to do.

So, if you self-inject methotrexate with a pre-filled syringe/pen, I'd be very interested to hear about your experiences both from what your physician and pharmacist may have instructed.

Please don't vote in the poll unless you self-inject methotrexate yourself using a pre-filled syringe/pen (ie not drawing up from the vials) as much of these protocols are intended to protect people who from unintentionally experiencing the effects of the drug, but feel free to comment regardless.

Edit: I forgot to ask in the poll, I'm curious how many people use pre-filled syringes vs epi-pen style (single button press) injectors, as this seems to vary too.
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To start the ball rolling, as you can see from the attachment the hospital pharmacy packaged my pre-filled syringes in black to avoid direct sunlight, and provided purple cytotoxic stickers for the sharp containers on request, which another physician had advised earlier.

Although the labels had a few handling precautions listed, the pharmacist advised they "did not make sense" for self-injection, but to be careful to wash hands before/after to ensure I don't get any in my eyes.