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Methotrexate suggestions

Hello Everyone :)

I was wondering about Methetrexate and how long it has taken to fully work on people?

I am currently on 20mg. been on it for a month in total - (10mg for 2 weeks and 20mg for 2 weeks now) I am still suffering from joint pain but it has been helped to lessen from prednisone and Lyrica and Mobic.

I am so eager for the Methetrexate to start working by itself though so I can get off all these other drugs I'm on. How long does it normally take> I've heard it can be 6 weeks and onwards :\

My curent medication is:
13mg Prednisone
Humira Injection fortnightly
Methetrexate 20mg weekly
Mobic - once a day
Lyrica 75mg - 2 twice daily
Panadol Osteo / Panadol every 4-6 hours