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Methotrexate twice a week?

Has anyone here ever taken methotrexate twice a week?

I am on methotrexate with Remicade and it is helping but I feel like it's a cycle. Inject thurs evening, feel bad on Friday/sat (ibd wise, not just methotrexate hangover) feel pretty decent on Sun-tues then downhill wed/thurs. I'm on 15mg currently ( a bump up from 12.5) and my GI said if the 15 doesn't work we might have to switch biologics. I'm not really liking my options biologic wise so I felt like maybe if I injected twice a week I could be constantly decent.

Anyone done it? ( note I was on aza before with Remi and it was great but my wbc count was too low all the time so I had to stop)


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My daughters have both been on MTX several times but never twice a week. However, they both have been on doses up to 25mg (1mL by injection if I'm remembering correctly), even with Humira/Remicade. Would that be an option for you?

My younger one had a horrible time with 25mg of MTX (actually with any dose of MTX) but it only caused minor nausea and fatigue for the older one. She managed well with Zofran.

Good luck!
Don't know about twice a week, I you just described my issues too (although I take MTX for arthritis [not actually diagnosed with crohns]). I have just been increased to 25mg subcutaneously- I also take Sulfasalazine. Also increased folic acid to 5mg four times a week.