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Methotrexate: Worked or not?


central US
Hi all, moved & got a new GI. Since I've tried just about evrythin w varied success/failure, looks like we're gunna give MTX a shot. I don't see a post here for people's experiences on MTX, so maybe this'll start 1?

Feel free to tell me (& future readers) all your personal details: what led you to MTX, dosage, 1st couple of weeks results, few months, etc, side effects, tips/suggestions.....anythin that'd be of help to us new MTX druggies :yrolleyes:

blessins 4 healins :)
Grace just had her fourth shot.

Grace suffers from constipation.
Two days after the first shot she was having normal bowel movements.YA
She was at three adult doses a day of miralax just to keep her bowels moving.
However, now she seems to be having bathroom issues.
It still hasn't done much for her joint pain.
It takes 6-8 weeks to work, so I'm hoping it will work.
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I was on 25mg of methotrexate tablets for over two years. I started off with 10mg and slowly built up to try and minimise the side effects. I did for the first couple of months suffer from horrible indigestion and sickness from the tablets but the dr gave me omprazole and that helped to settle things down.
I took my methotrexate in the evening after food to try and coat my stomach and also so I could sleep off the effects as it can make you feel a bit groggy the next day. You will also need to take folic acid, different Drs suggested different ways to take this some say every day others says once a week. I took 10mg once a week on a Friday as my dr told me an easy way to remember when to take them folic acid Fridays and methotrexate Mondays, my memory for taking tablets is pretty bad so this helped with keeping me on track.
I recently added cimzia to methotrexate as it wasn't working as well as before but have now stopped entirely as we want to try and start a family but I would consider trying methotrexate again possibly in injections to see if it would work after.

Good luck and I hope methotrexate works for you