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The Doc wants me to do Methotrexate. 25mg injections 1/week for 12 weeks
then if it seems to work, 15mg/week in pill form.

Anybody have experience with this?
my sig says it all:D as close to remission as i could possibly ever hope for anyways:)

i have the tablets once a week, get to lay on the couch and be dopey with no repercussions:D
i was on methotrexate for a few months, i wish my doctors had put me on it sooner because it worked very well for me! i was also on humeria at the same time and with both of them i went from feeling like trash to actually able to work and feel normal!
hey ken
i was on methotrexate and remicade together for a while. that combo did well for me. then went downhill and did humira and methotrex combo, not much help and now im on neither. ok, whole other story though lol!

i only took it by injection, my GI would never let me have the pill form. not sure why, i think he was worried about absorbtion? im not sure, but if i couldve, i wouldve chosen the pill.
the injection doesnt hurt much, i just had mental problems with it or something. to this day the smell of an alcohol prep pad makes me nausous.

anyways, no side effects from it for me. just gotta watch out, it can be hard on your liver, i think they will routinely check your liver function to make sure all is ok.
and gotta be careful with alcohol i think, for the same reason.
good luck and welcome to the forum!
KenK said:
What do you mean "be dopey"? I don't like the sound of that.
i just get tired on the day i have it, its no biggy.

by dopey i mean that wifey laughs at me while i sleep on the couch for half the day watching seinfeld dvd's:D