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I'm curious, am I the only one that takes this anti-nausea pill? It really seems to work for me for the most part but it is kind of a pain to be taking an anti-nausea pill 4 times a day.
Is there anyone else in Canada on anti-nausea pills that you can take fewer times in a day? I ask for Canada because I know our countries do not always offer the same type of meds..
Have you tried ginger capsules for nausea? I was on Zofran and promethazine for nausea, but the ginger works as well or better than either of them and is much cheaper and is healthy too! I highly recommend picking up some ginger root capsules, one 500-600mg capsule whenever nausea strikes should do the trick.
I'm on Metoclopramide too, but only take them as and when required. I didn't have much luck with Cyclizine, so my gastro switched to these- there have been days where they have been 'lifesavers'. Work really well for me.
May give the ginger a try though- the less chemicals I pump into me these days, the better. Think my liver needs a break!
I'll look into the ginger. Just that me + capsules = bad. I have a lot of trouble swallowing capsules! :/.
Andrea, totally agree. During this flare I'm having right now the Metoclopramide has definitely prevented me from vomiting during/after every meal. Only twice in the last 35 days has the Metoclopramide lost the battle! But yeah like I said I'm on it 4 times a day which I think sadly is how much I require.
i take it 4 times a day in the US to make sure my stomach empties after meals since i have gastropersis which is slow empting tummy. it works on nausea to but i mainly use promethizine or zofran for the nausea though.
You can also get candied/dried ginger that you eat a piece of for nausea that I hear works very well for people if the pills don't work as well. They also make ginger "tea" that you can buy as well as ginger ale. I think the capsules will be the best though, but you can always check the other options.
Zofran is working a lot better for me than Phenergan or Reglan (metoclopramide) did. It is apparently pretty expensive though, especially comparatively. It is the only thing keeping me from vomiting right now, although I'm still very dizzy/light headed. Ginger snaps and ginger tea didn't do much for me, but perhaps because I couldn't force myself to eat enough of them.

The Zofran from my pharmacy is in small pills and I'm supposed to take it once every eight hours. The Phenergan was four to six hours. Maybe worth seeing if it's an option for you?