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Mezavant fatigue/tiredness

Do people have bad fatigue tiredness on mexavant sitting on the couch cant feel it but when i get up to do something feel extremely tired amor get fatigued i know this is a side effect does it pass or should o be concerned doc is not much help at the moment
I know this all too well! Have your iron/B12 been checked? If they are low supplements make a big difference. I feel much better, I still get fatigue but every minute of the day isn't like wading through treacle anymore thank God!
yeah b12 is good iron is low I know fatigue is listed as a side effect of mezavant.
It's like really bad couch lock fatigue but when not on mezavant still tired but not as brutal.


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Hang in there bud. Fatigue is such a crappy side effect, I used to have it really bad too. I hope it improves as mine eventually did. I took lots of naps during my bout.