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Microbial dysbiosis in spouses of ulcerative colitis patients: Any clues to disease pathogenesis?

Lady Organic

Staff member
What does the author mean?:'' Thus, this study shows that the microbial profile might be partially transferred from ulcerative colitis patients to healthy individuals.''

Im not sure I get it... How could we transfer microbiome?

The only thing I can think about to explain that people living together share similarities in microbiome is because they usually eat the same foods and have the same lifestyle.
Lady: Well the other possibility of which after many years of study is that there is
a slight chance that IBD is contagious, I still cannot 100% rule it out. There are a few cases of where the none IBD spouse somehow came down with IBD,whether crohns or UC.
Who knows for sure, I don't.
You can research crohn's clustering,and such.
Old Mike

Lady Organic

Staff member
I just found and read the full article.
im thinking if microbiome could be transferred, doctors, nurses and medical staff would be vulnerable/ impacted as well. I really dont think this is the case, quite the opposite actually, so ''we ear''...

And as the author says: ''the microbial profile of individuals cohabiting with IBD patients should also be compared with that of healthy controls living in the same geographical area and socio-economic conditions to minimize the impact of unrelated environmental factors.'' And i would add a comparison of diet. This still sounds like the obvious to me.