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Microbiome Composition in Crohn's Patients Predicts Who Will Respond to Stelara Treatment

San Diego

Baseline microbiota predicted treatment remission with a sensitivity of 81%, a specificity of 77% and an overall accuracy of 84%.

Similarly, the microbiota model predicted treatment response with a sensitivity of 88%, a specificity of 56% and an overall accuracy of 76%.

The prediction accuracy did not improve significantly with the addition of clinical data.

Baseline microbial diversity was 1.7 times higher, and baseline Faecalibacterium and Bacteroides were significantly more abundant, in subjects who were in remission six weeks after treatment compared with those who still had active disease.
Ubiome.com is doing an analysis of my biome at no cost due to my non-income since being sidelined. One of my college professors advised us to have 6 months of liquid capital to cover ourselves. I did have that until I got divorced. When I get back in the game I will build that back up. Lesson learned and I'm grateful to have a compassionate father.