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Microbiome Testing

Hi all

I’ve just become aware of the fact you can send off an at home microbiome kit for feedback on what you’re lacking amongst other things.

Has anyone ever done this and found it to be helpful? It’s not available on the NHS and isn’t exactly cheap but if I thought it might have some benefit I would definitely give it a try!



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I'd be cautious about it if it is very expensive. IMO the microbiome is the wave of the future for IBD and perhaps a bunch of other diseases as well. But right now it is early days. A lot of research is being done but the situation is still very confused. The microbiome is very complex and quite variable from one person to the next. Which makes interpretation of any one person's microbiome test very difficult.

So I follow microbiome research with interest, but things will have to get a lot clearer and more certain before I'd shell out any substantial amount of money for a commercial microbiome test.
Thank you, very wise words. I think if I was on a treatment regimen that was having some effect I wouldn’t feel the need to try this out. It’s probably just frustration while I wait to start the next drug.

I’ll keep my eyes open for updates on this though!