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Microscopic colitis and Celiac


Last night I was doing ALOT of reading on the nature of Microscopic Colitis and the relevance of Celiac (Sprue). Apparently it seems very common.
I have been tested for Celiac disease more times than I can count and each time they have came back negative, I have been tested by blood tests and endoscopics even by a Endocrinologist. I was thinking of asking My Gi on my next visit on February 12, Presently I really do not eat alot of gluten in my diet, I am not a big bread eater, But I do love my pastries :ybiggrin:.
Before starting the Diet he may want to do another tests, and I am scared to ruin his results by starting now.

Has anyone tried the Gluten Free Diet with Microscopic Colitis, has it helped?
And were your results Negative for the Angliadin tests associated with the Celiac Disease?? And why would it help?

Wow too many questions. Sorry.
I was in the same situation, have microscopic colitis, had many, many tests for celiac, with all coming back negative. I found through experimenting that eating a gluten free, and at this point grain free diet (I now avoid rice, oats, and corn also) helped the gut greatly. It hasn't been a cure, but since eating this way I'm nowhere near as ill as I used to be.

I'm not sure why a wheat free diet helps with my microscopic colitis. Outside of gluten, there are several other substances in wheat that can be problematic for health. It is probably one of those that is the trouble maker.

A sight you might find helpful is wheatbelly. It is about the benefits of eating wheat free. Many people write in finding relief from different conditions once they removed wheat from their diet, despite testing negative for celiac.

Good luck! Hope you find what works for you.

@ Beach.

Thank you for the Reply.

I am honestly considering it, my husband said he has no problem trying it with me, but I do not think It will bother me making to separate meals as long I am really careful. I do not think i will need to go to extreme of not including rice, I actually don't feel too too bad when eating rice or patatoes, as for Corn, I do have some diverticulosis so I have stayed away from that for quite some time now.

I am thinking this might be a great opportunity, since I will be put on Entocort after the prednisone, hopefully once everything calms down and maybe get myself started on it first, but will talk to the doctor in february do not want to do anything without asking for his permission, as he is suppose to be the expert. I knwo changing diets to such an extreme will be a real life changer, but in someways I do not think that it will be so bad, last night I looked at all the products I use on a daily basis and most of it doesnt habe any gluten, I am not one for cereal or bread. Sure I like my chips, but there are so many gluten free ones out there now, that I am sure I will beable to find something that is okay for me to try. LOL, I looked at the margarine container and laughed this morning, there was a ton of bread crumbs in it, and realized I will need to have two in the fridge one for me and one for my hubby with a big GF written on it, if i choose to try it.

For those that have been on the GF diet how lond did it take for your system to notice a difference.

Thank you
I was diagnosed with MC at least 15 years ago, probably longer. Nobody was testing for celiac at that time in our area---Fast forward to last year when I tried Atkins due to terrible bloating.

Not knowing it was gluten free during 'induction', I unknowingly took a step towards discovery. A week in and I was feeling better, two weeks in I felt amazing. At some point, I began adding bread products back in and had bloating, abdominal discomfort & return of bouts of diarrhea. It probably sounded nuts to my primary but it was working and I wanted to know more. I pushed for celiac testing, still waiting for my appointment. Honestly, I wouldn't care about the blood test if it weren't for my kids.

Since I was first diagnosed with MC, I've had multiple extended family members with serious GI problems, some of whom have required surgery. If I had it to do again, I'd definitely push for the celiac test first and then do what works for you.
Best Wishes,
I recently tested negative for Celiac and was diagnosed with LC. I tried to do a lot of research because I didn't have any guidance on diet. I have been eating about 95% gluten free for the past week, as well as being on Entocort and I have noticed a difference. Not sure which it is really related to, but I do not get as severe abdominal cramping when I eat the gluten free items.