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Mild crohn's and SCD

Hi All!

If diagnosed with mild crohn's and willing to put up with pain/discomfort, how unreasonable is it to go untreated other than diet?

I've had crohn's lingering for 15+ years, and it looks like they're finally on the verge of finding it inconclusively. However, I've generally done well on diet alone (SCD), which has kept it usually under control. If I can, I'd prefer to avoid meds.
I am in your situation. I have been managing my crohns with supplements alone. My symptoms have improved greatly. My biggest worry is that the disease could be progressing and I am showing no symptoms. Dr's are always trying to force you on meds. I was on Apriso at first for about a year and noticed no changes. I wish there were a way to monitor inflamation that wasn't so invasive. All of my bloodwork as always been normal, crp normal, stools, etc. Inflammation was only found via pill cam and no recently colonoscopy, which noticed some at the ileum.