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Mini flares

mini flares

Excuss my naivety with this question but I was only diagnosed with CD last year and don't have a long history of the disease to compare whats normal or not!! Is it possible to have mini flares lasting a day or two which then settle on there own accord without drugs or is it just the calm before the storm.

My GI discharged me after my resection saying that if I had a change in bowel habits to get referred to him again, well I mean they change on a daily basis so not quite sure what he meant by that!!!

I'm maybe burying my head in the sand and hoping that its nothing but would appreciate any info from anyone who also has had intermittant symptoms, thanks for any suggestions.
I was also diagnosed with CD last year, so I am not much help, but it'll be nice to see people's responses. I called my GI it seemed like daily, and there wasn't anything he could do.
I was just diagnosed about a week ago, I never thought that I would have CD. I have mini flares lasting one to two days. I can think of times that I have had flares that last more than a week. My problem is losing 25lbs in two months. I started to put everything together and realized, yes I do have CD. Ever since I was diagnosed I have felt like maybe this is just the beginning and maybe im in for something crazy. I wonder everyday what will upset my stomach today or I hope this doesn't mean I will be really sick and lose more weight. It gets depressing on your bad days. I'm not on meds I have decided not to be on meds until I absolutely need them. Maybe we are at the beginning, but everyone is different.


Depends what you mean by flares
A flare for me is inflammation and excruciating pain in LRQ which warrants a call to gastro or an ambulance!
Some people refer to flares as having diarrhea, pain, bloat, gas etc
But a flare to me is inflammation which manifests it's self everywhere, joints, mouth, eyes, bleeding, nausea, vomiting and explosive diarrhea.
I have diarrhea on a daily basis, and that's normal for me, and I don't call it flaring, so it depends on whats 'normal' for you
You are your own health advocate and if it's not the norm then call the doc
Hope that makes sense!
I used to have mini flares as you call them. But that was way back before I'd had gut surgery. Just used to shrug them off & sure enough things would settle. I just used to lay off cereals & high fibre.
But after surgery everything appears to get slightly more complicated & eat the wrong food & wallop, the toilet is suddenly your closest friend for days on end, accompanied by cramps.
Take Care

1st symptoms 1983
Diagnosed 1985
1997 Right Hemicolectomy & Resection
2002 Laperotomy & Resection
2010 Laproscopic Ileocolic Resection

Been on Azathioprine & Pred

Currently on Entocort 3mg every other day
Humira 40mg every two weeks
Pentasa 4gm daily
3mthly B12 Jabs
I can't say how things changed for me after my first small bowel resection as I was only 8 at the time. I've had a number SBR since then and after each one my body has a whole new array of weird quirks. Each time I've been under anesthesia I've come out with my internal thermometer more out of whack and not always in the same direction.

But I do understand this 'mini flare' thing. I guess that after 30ish years of dealing with CD I've learned that there's good days and bad days. Sometimes it's a good week or bad week. But I've learned if it's a bad month, then it's time to get on the horn with your doctor.

It could be something you ate, could be stress, could be a lack of sleep, or it could could be nothing in particular that sets you off, but there will be bad days. And I've found - from observing friends and family - that my great days aren't usually as great as those around me, and my bad days would drop almost everyone around me.

I guess the biggest thing is to stay on top of your bad days to make sure the bad ones aren't lining up in a row. also, try to keep track of what you're eating and see if there's any correlation between the two. And really enjoy those days when you feel so good you forget CD exists. They do happen!
Thanks everyone for replying, it's great advice last week seemed to be a slightly bad week but everything has settled again so not too worried, i'll just keep an eye on things and if symptoms start and don't go after a week or so i'll do something about it!!! I'm definitely the type of person to deny symptoms and shrug them off as something else in fact i'm still in denial I even have crohn's disease... don't think that will ever change, wishful thinking!!