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Misdiagnosed could lialda be making crohns flare?

Hi, in January I got "food poisoning" that only caused diahrea that occurred once a day, but would not go away for a month. Tested normal food poisoning culprits. C diff test came back negative. Felt great clearing out tummy for colonoscopy... After it cleared I felt so much better. After colonoscopy told I had uc and needed to start prednisone. Then to ct scan, no cancer, and told I needed to start lialda.

Got horrible pain in April told by doc and hospital it was hemorroids.

Ended up back at different hospital 1 1/2months ago and told I had access that needed operation, that I did not have uc or hemorrhoids, but have crohns.

3 weeks ago told I was healing on outside but not inside and I needed seton ring. Told need to start 6 mp and remicade in addition to prednisone and lialda.

Got even worse the first week took 6mp and developed another fissure.

So is it crohns or is it my body reacting to the meds? Is ther any real way to know?

Will I get even worse on remicade?
I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I don't have any answers to your questions, but just wanted you to know you are not alone. Have you asked your Dr these questions? Considered getting a second opinion? Good luck and hang in there.
So sorry about all you are going through and you are not alone. If is sometimes very hard for a diagnosis to be made and then to find the correct mix of medication to work. Make sure you are seeing a Gastroenterologist and hopefully a specialist in IBD. Check out CCFA.org for more information. They have a wealth of information that might be helpful to you.