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Misdiagnosed experience and cinnamon water


Naples, Florida
Hi Vantage!

You should write a letter to that doctor and ask them, "Now that I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease by the gastroenterologist you wouldn't refer me to, do you think I should double my dosage of cinnamon water?"


Anyway, it's great to have you here. Thanks for joining and sharing your story.

Where is your Crohn's Disease located, do you know? Colon, small intestines, or a combination thereof?

Again, welcome!
Hi Vantage,

I agree with David! You went through exactly what my partner Kris went through with many doctors diagnosing him with IBS. It's amazing how many doctors didn't seem to take him seriously...

I'm glad to hear the medication is working for you, goodbye to cinnamon water at last :)

I have CD and IBS and cinnamon is one of my triggers for IBS so I am not sure how they expected that to help you !!


Hello and welcome to the forum, am so pleased you went to a new doc and finally got a diagnosis - well done you! :) I will be keeping fingers crossed that the Pentesa can continue keeping things settled for your tum.