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Miso soup

Hey guys i want to try some miso soup just after some crohns friendly recipes. I wanted to try the packet instant ones but on the ingredients there full of additives so yeah just after some of your recipes
My suggestion is to buy a miso paste, preferably from a health-food store. Read the label - there should be no more than a few ingredients (6-7). Avoid additives like MSG. My current favourite is the lighter kind (more yellow-ish in colour rather than deep orange/brown).

It should be kept in the refrigerator. When you want a bowl/cup of it, just scoop out one teaspoon (or tablespoon, depending on your portion size and how concentrated/salty you like it). Add water from the kettle and stir well. Now you have a delicious bowl of miso soup with no additives/junk - and it took under five minutes!

You can also use the miso paste in recipes, but you should know that boiling the miso will kill the healthy bacteria.
But isn't the water from the kettle hot enough to kill the bacteria I mean you need to boil the water to get it hot
Ok, I admit that I may have been wrong in my description of how to prepare proper miso soup. There are many different instructions available on the internet - they all agree on one thing and that is: do not boil the broth after the miso has been added. Some heat is needed, but too much will kill the beneficial bacteria.

Most recipes describe adding the miso after removing the water from the stove or after substantially lowering the heat (in which case I believe the temperature would be similar to that of water right out of a kettle). However, I did find one description which read that the correct temperature of the water before adding miso paste should be such that you can comfortably place your finger in it for 3-5 seconds (which is a much lower temperature than water straight out of a kettle).

So, I'm not sure which exact recipe to follow but if you want to be safe - perhaps follow the recipe with the lowest temperature. I think that's what I will do from now. Clearly I'm no expert and I've learned something new now - so thanks ozboz, and good luck!
also one more thing I went to buy the miso and there is yellow and red miso what could possibly be the diffrence also the japaneese grocer I was at had miso that said it had alcohol in it why is that and some don't I bought the one without the alcohol obviosly
that's indeed helpful, I always shy away from preparing a miso soup myself, but it seems not too difficult.