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Missing Imuran dose

missing Imuran dose

anyone else forget to take their meds?

i'm usually very good at taking my meds...

but lately i've been overwhelmed, exhausted and busy and there have been a couple times i forgot to take my pills. my memory isn't the greatest anymore, especially when i get distracted.

i'm on imuran 175 mg now... i just ran out of pills, but the earliest i'll be able to refill my prescription is monday

the pharmacy that has my 'repeat' is actually out of my area... i had gotten the prescription after seeing my old GI before summer, didn't realize there was a repeat on it, and had gone to the pharmacy closest to the medical building...and this pharmacy is closed on weekends..
i had noticed my pills were getting low, and was gonna get a refill during the week... then at the last minute, realized it wasn't the shoppers drugmart where i usually get my prescriptions.... so now i'm stuck.

anyway, i also ran out of pills quicker than expected cuz my new GI increased my dose.

last night i had one pill left, so i took it (my dose is actually 3.5 pills).... but now i have nothing.

do you think i'll be ok? the imuran should stay in my system if it's just a couple days right?
You Aza blood levels will drop abit, but I doubt it'll be enough to let anything nasty to flare up before you get back on them.
They say Azathioprine takes a minimum of a week to be out of your system, atleast that's what I was told when I was advised to stop taking it. If you refill your prescription on Monday I doubt you will have any major problems. :)
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