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Mixed feelings about news from scopy

I had my scopy on Friday. Only took four tries to get the IV's in-sigh. But, I like this place because they use Propofol and it is excellent!

Anyway, when I woke up, doc said that Humira is doing great for me!! Yay!! I am much better than I was. I know that my uclers are better. There hasn't been blood for a long time.

My concern was the stricture. He thought the stricture was just from the inflammation and should resolve. It is still pretty much the same as it was before I got so sick and got started on Humira. He found that the inflammation part of the stricture is gone, and he saw no scar tissue. He is now saying i am NOT a candidate for surgery.

He did say that I have about 10cm (5 inches) of my colon that has almost no normal tissue left. He did not say what tissue it was. And it is in the area where the blockage feels like it is. He speculated that the scar tissue could be in the outside of the colon, or even in the muscles, but it is not in the lining. He wanted to see what the path report showed before he fully made his decision.

I was so hoping for surgery. I know the risk of new disease popping up next to the removed portion. I also realize that the parts they put together could also stricture. But, I have been battling this condition for several years. At least he believes me - he is just not sure what is causing it.

I really wanted a resection and now I don't get it and I am disappointed.

And, if I have no normal tissue in an area, would that put me at risk for cancer? I just don't understand this whole part of it. It has been mentioned on my scopy reports several times that the most normal tissue in that area are the polyps. What IS it? Should it stay IN there?? Will it hurt me? It is obviously not helping me and does cause me discomfort.
I think you should have another consultation with the doctor. You really do need to hear the answers from him, and if you are still not comfortable, maybe think about getting a second opinion.