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Mixing cimzia and entyvio!!!

I just joined this forum,I'm going to be 42,and I've had Crhons going on 26 years,and I got lucky the surgeon I had,that took my appendix out,that was my diagnosis back then,but when they were ready to close me up,the surgeon noticed the Crhons and took 18 inches,the 1st of 3 operations over the years!

I'll go over all my meds that I have been on/or currently on later!

I have a REAL important question, I go for my 3rd infusion of Entyvio tomorrow, but when I was on Cimzia,it actually helped my back better than my Crhons!

With that being said,I went against what I was told,because I could hardly walk and the pain was horrible, but on July 29th,I administered extra Cimzia I had! I know,I'm not supposed to,but,over the years of dealing with this disease, I've really been through alot,so my depression is so bad,I really didn't care,starting to lose hope!

With that being said,just wondering if anybody else has did the same,and what happen,because now I'm experiencing something different, painful,but only when I squat or move a certain way or try and feel around for it,ohhh sorry,it feels like an oblong bubble,right above my active Crhons site!

Any info will be helpful,like I said I'm going for my 3rd Entyvio infusion tomorrow!