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Modifying drug dosage/frequency intake

Knowing that the response we get from taking medication can't be exactly predicted I wonder if doing some small tests on yourself with the intake frequency and dosage wouldn't be beneficial.

The goal is to maximize the benefits and to limit side effects. I don't discuss this with the doctor as I know they have to follow the official guidance and can't experiment with their patients.

To give you an example. I am taking a drug for blood pressure. I was prescribed 8mg/day, but experimented with a lower dosage. In this case it was easy to measure the results. I tried 2mg/day, but that was not working. At 4mg/day - which is half of the prescribed dosage - my blood pressure is perfect. I settled at 4mg/day, potentially limiting side effects of a higher dosage.

Drugs are usually prescribed to be taken once per day. The 24 hour time frame is arbitrary. It is just convenient to take something once per day, and drugs are being design to work with that interval. I sometimes test 36 hours to see if the drug would work. Morning followed by evening the next day and so on...

Have you tried some variation from the prescription and did it work?