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Modulen and diarrhoea

Hi everyone

I’m just wondering if anyone else on here is taking modulen and experiencing diarrhoea (green) it’s happening between 5-7 times a day.
I just let my son try it and he's got heartburn. Concerned to continue with Modulen.

How much of it are you taking it a day?

my little penguin

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Please talk to your Gi about your formula and een concerns .
Children have a different disease than adults and use een differently.
Your Gi will determine how much your child needs to drink for een to work
They can also determine how much diarrhea is a problem and how to manage
You need to speak to your Gi


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@Andy1982 yes. My daughter did have an increase in diarrhea. It’s hard to tell. If you are doing formula only and no food, then sometimes at the beginning it is a matter of liquid in liquid out. It should settle down after about a week or two. But sometimes it’s a matter of the formula not being a good fit for your system. If the GI ordered EEN and the formula, I would let them know. There are others you could try that might make you more comfortable.