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Modulen drink

Hi. I have had Crohn’s disease since I was a child and I remember they gave me modulen to drink. I’m now 34 and recently they told me my calprotectin levels were over a thousand but I do not have any symptoms even though I think that’s high. I recently bought some modulen online, it’s the genuine stuff from a chemist. Do you think it’s safe to take without a prescription? I’m surprised they sell it without one.
Thank you for your help


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New York, USA
Modulen powder is available without a prescription in the US - it can be ordered on line. The 'real' stuff is made by Nestle.


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I think the drink in itself is safe to drink, but I think if you're planning to use it as a replacement for food you definitely need to let your medical team know. I was on modulen for 6 weeks as an adult and had to be very closely monitored. If you just plan on using it as a supplement you should be ok as long as you get bloods to check vitamin levels (too much of certain vitamins can be risky)