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Modulen IBD and glucose syrup

Hello, I'm using modulen IBD and it has glucose syrup in it. I'm worried about that. I want to keep using modulen but I am worried. Do you have any idea?
This product has the same:
Nutrient Source
• Protein: milk proteins (sodium caseinate)
• Fat: sunflower oil and canola oil
• Carbohydrate: maltodextrin, sucrose
maltodextrin is glucose syrup.


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Are you worried because you're against maltodextrin or because you heard it promoted the growth of crohn's associated E Coli?


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Kiny, would you use EN while knowing it has maltodextrin ?

Don't know, guess it would depend on how sick I was or not. If EN was the only thing I could tolerate, yes I would. If I had a choice, no probably not.

I never felt worse on EN, but it also never helped me much, outside of getting calories, I'm sceptical of studies that say it puts people in remission.

I'm very sceptical of the pediatric studies related to EN, because they're using CDAI and PCDAI scores instead of endoscopic assesments, which are extremely unreliable.

If some EN are promoting the growth of AIEC through maltodextrin, I also don't think it would be something that you can measure easily, AIEC uses biofilms and they don't cause issues in everyone, some people without crohn's have AIEC also, it's possible that any AIEC growth is undetected in EN studies, the immidiate benefit from a nutrient rich diet would be far more apparent initially than any detrimental effects on the growth of AIEC, they can and do stay dorment for long periods, maybe that explains the constant relapses in crohn's disease.

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Hi I have just started Vinonex Plus (Canada), elemental diet. The ingredients are maltodextrine and modified corn starch along with soy oil, but no glucose syrop, no casein or wheay protein, which, the 2 lasts ones I would have refused completly, since I am really anti-milk.

I am really disgusted by all these ingredients as I have become a nutrition freak, but still, I think they are better than any of these pharmaceutical medications we are served for IBD. So it is definately worth the try. Prednisone 50mg put me in crohns remission, but also in a almost psychiatric manic state of mine and I overused my hands with physical work (cleaning, snow shoveling and cutting industrial carpet with scissors for my building). I have wrists and hand arthritis since then, 1 year... My I also add that I already suffer from a mild osteopenia prolly caused by repetitive cortisone intakes :confused2:

I have called Nestle Canada and complained about the modified corn starch. I have told them the least they could do is used organic corn for the price we pay. I'd be willing to pay more for a better quality if neccessary.
I do believe in EN and I dont see why researchers and doctors would lie about its succes with crohns. They are clear EN is not helping UC.