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Modulen ibd - life savior!!!

I just wanted to write a quick post about Modulen. So ive been on modulen diet for 10 weeks 6 months ago. I recommend it to ALL! Im only 17 years old and i made it through those 10 weeks without any food. It wasnt so hard as i thought it will be. I liked the flavour since the first time ive tried it. I didnt have any problems with drinking it. Blood results after were AMAZING! :dance: Now, 6 months after i dont have any symptoms. I EAT WHATEVER I WANT! But i still drink Modulen ( 250mililiters per day ) thats like, one cup? So its not a problem. I drink it because its good for my bowels and it helps me to be in a remission which is guaranteed ( 90% ). At first i had to drink 2,5 liters per day - 10 weeks. You dont feel hungry or anything. Your digestion is good. No crumps. No temperature. NOTHING! After it you must consume food slowly cause you can die if you start eating heavy food like junk food. My doctors gave me a 10 day eating plan which considered bread, cooked meals, lots of vegetables and fruits. Healthy food. No carbonated drinks. No fried/roasted meals. Lots of tea. After a month or two i started eating normal. Modulen was my choice and its proved to be a good choice. Cortico steroids was another choice but they have awful side effects but you get better immediately and you can eat. Im currently on Imuran Azathioprine 2×50mg and Pentasa Mesalazine 6×500 mg per day. I dont know what more to say except if Modulen was given to you as a choice by your doctor or GE -> TAKE IT! I promise you, you'll feel better. You wont have any symptoms. Your digestion will be perfectly fine. And ive seen a lot of people writin that its hard to drink it cause it tastes awful ( it doesnt to me and i think its all in your head, how you look on it ) So if I - 17 year old boy could make it through, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! You can drink it cold from the fridge or warm ( room temperature ). I really wish you all the best with it. If you have any questions, ask me please. I would love to answer on it. Have faith. Bruno.