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Modulen IBD

Hi i was wondering if anyone who has done the modulen ibd diet how long after you started it did you start to notice an improvement? How long were you on it? How long after stopping the diet did it take you to start eating normal food again and did it affect you?

I have been on it for 4 days now and feel like i have a ton of energy. It has slowed my bowel down so thats a big plus for me.

Any info would be great, thanks guys.



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Hey Rachel,

If you go to the diet and exercise forum you will find quite a few threads about liquid/elemental diets. To narrow it down further pop it in the search.

Good luck hun, I hope it gives you continued success!

Dusty. :heart:
Thanks again Dusty you are very knowledgeable it looks like you have been through alot with your two kids i hope they are both doing well now xx

Hi Rachel
I was on an exclusive Modulen diet for 2 weeks under the supervision on my dietician in Girvan.

I find it to be very helpful, and you do aquire a taste for it after a short time. I add the nesqik milkshake flavours to it which gives some variety to it. Once you start to introduce regular foods, I was put on the Loflex diet which allows you to eat a balanced, low residue (fibre) diet, giving you chance to track what you eat, with the intention of identifying which foods, if any, trigger a flare. Google Loflex & see what you think. Are you under the care of a dietician at present?, if not, it might be worth asking your GP to refer you to see one.

This Crohn's is such a strange thing, I can drink Jack Daniels/Southern Comfort nae bother :luigi:, but I flare when I add Coke! I also avoid ANYTHING with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), for me, it is a real killer.

I still drink 1L per day now as a supplement, it is nice as a cold drink on a hot day, but has anti inflammatory qualities that i feel really do help. I currently am in a flare, do not know what kicked this off, maybe stress at work the GP thinks. I'm taking lots of pills, and I think they are working, so should be back in remission in the near future.

Good luck to you, keep in touch!!:medal1:

Tony xx
Thanks Tony yeh the first day on it was a killer it was so sickly sweet but after day one it seems to get better and now just tastes like a shake. I now have the nestle flavouring from the doctor aswell so makes it alot easier doesn't it.

I am under the supervision of a dietician and i am seeing my GI Consultant next thursday so will be happy to hear what he has to say. I don't think anything really triggers be but you have to eliminate these things to find out don't you. Have googled the LOFLEX will have a better look at it tho.

Once you reintroduced your food how long did it take till you were back to a normal diet?

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a flare up just now hopefully you will manage to control it quickly and get back into remission :)

Take care

Rachel xx

Hi Rachel,

I had the nesle flavouring too, I hated it, it contains artificial sweeteners which for me blows me up grande style!
I buy the Nesqik milkshake powder-nothing artificial-just natural ingredients-it is intended for kids.

I was on the Loflex diet for about 3-4 weeks in total, gradually introducing my usual foods so i could determine which ones caused issues for me. It isn't too bad. I feel generally quite happy with Modulen, for me, it does what it says on the tin!

Let me know how you geton, good luck :cool:
I've also got the nesqik but find it too sweet but everyone has different tastes lol i find the longer i'm on it the more it doesn't bother me, i am proud to be on day 5 but i am only doing it for 4 weeks and i really do feel the benefits of it already. I know its crazy but from day 3 i felt like i had so much energy :)

Will keep you updated an di hope you get through your flare soon xx
Hi Rachel
Yes i too agree that it is too sweet with the kids shake additive, i am starting to just take it neat, but keep the shake stuff as a treat (sad eh, i am 44 yrs old & drinking kids shake stuff). just hope this sugar dosen't make my teeth rot, that's all i need right now.
Modulen does make you feel better quickly-just what you need really

Oh well, we do whatever it takes to get us through the day!
Gonna do some gardening today, bit cloudy in Girvan, but no rain-Woo hoo!!!!

All the best-get well soon
Modulen didn't work for me. I tried it for 10 days in hospital and it made me feel really bloated, gross and didn't slow my diahorrea at all. However, this could have been due more to the extent of my disease rather than the diet itself.

I hope it works wonders for you, and I admire anyone who manages to stick with it for more than a few days.
Thanks Carrie it seems to be doing wonders for me so far, so much energy, cut down my bm's and my mucous has reduced since yesterday so i am really pleased with it! I hope after the 4 weeks it puts me in the right direction and i can concentrate on getting into remission.
I have been on Modulen for a week now-the pain is deffo improving and does not seem as severe! The only thing I am struggling with is the sweet taste! I like my savoury things and am not a big sweet lover! Ah well another 7 weeks to go :)
I am about to buy modulen powder for my crohns as i could not stomach the flavour of vivonex. Do you add water or milk (soy) to this powder to make it taste better? And is this an exclusive no 'real food' as such diet for gut healing? Thanks!
Hi Bec,

It depends how you're advised to take it. I'm taking Modulen at the moment and have been using it for 3 weeks now on an all liquid diet due to suffering from a flare up. The point of doing so is to try and get me back into remission. Usually this is how Modulen is taken and how it is advised to be taken in the handbook supplied.

You add water to the Modulen powder to make up a substance which you can then add milkshake mix (like nestle for example) in preference to taste. The original mixture isn't particularly good tasting either but with milkshake mixture, after a while you won't be able to tell the difference from it and regular milk.

Word of advice, make the solution up in advance of you actually drinking it. You'll find when you mix it up, not all of it will dissolve into the liquid straight away even if you shake it for a long time and you'll have lumps on the top of the mixture. However, after a few hours, these lumps will naturally dissolve into the mixture and it'll be a lot less hassle. I do however have a mini sieve which I use when I can still see lumps in the mixture which works just as good.
I wonder if there is out there any alternative Nutrition supplement to relax an IBD situation, that is 100% kosher (as i'am an orthodox Jew), instead of Modulen IBD that is not 100% kosher. i appreciate whoever can help me with this information. many thanks in advance.
hi Rachel
I,m on modulen at the moment on day 7 for 6 weeks and finding it difficult with being so very hungry , hoping it gets better as the days go on , I was diagnosed with crohns a few months ago I have a stricture , so hopefully this will work :) both my sons have crohns for quite a few years now , they have both had surgery both are on humira now how long are you on the modulen for ? they said they would wean me off them within a week but ive heard it takes longer was a bit worried as I go away in 7 and a half weeks xx
Just wondering how long it took for you guys to actually go into remission, I'm on day 13 and not really feeling any better, I did for a few days and then the past few nights been really bloated, and had quite a painful, upset stomach. Don't know whether or not to hang on or to start pred