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Modulen IBD

I have tried it, on it's own it tastes absolutely vile so you have to flavour it with something, my dietician suggested milkshake syrups etc. It's also quite hard to get it to a drinkable consistency - I had to use a blender. But then it was pretty much okay to get down.

Personally I don't think I tolerated it well (not sure if it was the Modulen or the flavourings or a combination though). I was on a mix of Elemental 028 cartons and the Modulen for 3 weeks, the first week was just cartons, symptoms improved and the second and third I had the Modulen as well and I felt pretty bad. Got bad D and a lot of pain. I'm back on just the Elemental 028 cartons now, this being week 4 and things seem to be getting back on track slowly. My pred. has been upped along with some of my other meds though.

It's a bit samey and tedious on the cartons after this long but I suppose it's been worth it in a sense. Atleast I don't have to worry about what I'm eating at the moment and at the same time can hopefully improve the condition that I'm in.