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Modulen ibd

Hi I was wondering if anyone has had experience with modulen.
My GP has given me some to try along with a low fibre diet but I'm not sure how to mix it up as he never gave instructions with it.
I've only got to have 500 calories and see how I am.

My son had modulen for 6 weeks exclusive. I used to mix it up enough for one day at a time and keep in fridge until needed. He started with it through ng tube then went on to drink it. Drinking it, it was best straight from the fridge cold! You can add crusha mix to it to help the taste.

Hope it helps. Xx
Thanks..my doc just wants me to try 500 calories a day.how many scoops would that be?sorry I got no directions with it on how to use it,not sure how much to add to water.
Andy1982 - Hi, my son is currently on his 7th week of modulen, I tend to make up the whole days worth in one go (8 scoops to 250ml cooled boiled water), I think 250ml provides approx 300 calories.

Ands - my son is also 10 and has been on azathioprine for 4 weeks. Can you tell me what the reaction was to it as I am not sure my son is tolerating it that well either? Thanks
Precious Ones, J started to have a nasty rash and was really itchy. He was swapped to 6mp and these symptoms stopped. He still has extreme daily fatigue which we believe is probably due to the medication but the plan is stay on it until he is through puberty, at least. He will be 13 at the end of August.