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Modulen - maintainance dose?

Hi, my son was diagnosed with Crohn's in jan of this year. He competed 6 weeks of complete modulen only and then 2 weeks into that started azathropine which we were told may take 4-5 months to start working. He has decided to remain on a maintainance dose of modulen 1500mls each day as well as reintroducing foods, there is a small amount of evidence that this might help him stay in remission at least until azathropine starts up work. He is doing well, no probs so far. Has anyone else continued on a maintainance dose of modulen? Thanks x
Yes, I always keep some to supplement my diet if I'm not eating very well. I had a second resection a month ago and was told to take Modulen for a week before the op, and I was on Modulen for three months a couple of years ago, when I first started on Azathioprine. Hope your son is soon feeling better.
Hi i have been on the modulen diet for 3weeks and it worked fantastic for me, i have also recently been diagnosed with crohns and the modulen really helped me since i lost ALOT of weight.
After i finished the modulen diet for 3 weeks i was recommended to keep on the modulen(500ml) while with food however i was feeling so good that i didn't think i needed the modulen anymore as a daily thing, due to the fact I was getting sick of making it every day.Also i have just been given azathropine to so im waiting for it to kick in.
Long story short i fell ill again and im back to square one and back on modulen for 6weeks which i dont mind i feel fantastic now i have 4 more weeks left on modulen while taking azathropine (waiting for it to take affect).
This was all due to my laziness that i ended up falling ill again and going back to full modulen for 6weeks.
Once im on full time diet im going to stay on atleast 500ml modulen since i find it helps me.I should of stuck at having 500ml in the first place because i highly think it would of helped me keep in remission.
However for your son its up to him but i believe that the modulen will help us stay in remission but thats your sons choice.

Tips for modulen

If you have the money and are sick of making the modulen by hand buy a blender like nutribullet (expensive but saves time and gets rid of the undissolved bits)

If he goes back on modulen full time i found oxo cubes the best(chicken i think is the best) to get rid of food cravings

Flavourings - nesquik chocolate,strawberry,banna and others...

I also recommend juicing when i was well i tried juicing i found it helped me alot.

Sorry my English skills are really bad currently resitting English GCSE.


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